Chalice Circles

What is a Chalice Circle?

A Chalice Circle is a small group of six to eleven people who commit to meet regularly on an ongoing basis for mutual support and to encourage each other’s growth and development.

What is the purpose of a Chalice Circle?

  • a safe, confidential place to discuss feelings and values.
  • provide an opportunity to explore and develop thoughts and beliefs on a variety of topics.
  • provide an opportunity to get to know people in your fellowship in a deeper way.

What will happen during a Chalice Circle meeting?

Each Chalice Circle meeting begins with a reading and/or song and/or meditation, a chalice lighting, and a check-in that allows people to say briefly what is going on in their lives.

The core of the meeting centres around sharing and deep listening: each participant is given time to speak their heart about the meeting’s topic without interruption. We use a moment of silence after each person speaks to allow their words to sink in, and to give some transition time before the next participant speaks. A shorter discussion period follows the deep sharing. The opportunity to speak and be heard without interruption is rare in our modern world. We relish this special and sacred time to share, be heard, and deepen together!

Each Chalice Circle meeting closes with a brief check-out and another reading. The group may determine its own format for what happens between these two “bookends.”

These answers are adapted from the Horizon UU Church in Texas. They hold a number of themed chalice circles, including: Buddhist, movie-watching, earth-centered, crafting, potlucks, women’s, men’s, elders, parenting, etc

How do I join a Chalice Circle?

Contact the coordinator (that’s Kathryn: about the circle you are interested in joining, and she will put you in touch with the time and topic for the next meeting, and let the facilitator know you are coming. It’s that easy!

Women’s Chalice Circle: biweekly. Time TBA – beginning soon, hopefully!

Men’s Chalice Circle: biweekly. Time TBA – beginning in April.

Other: if you are interested in a more general or a specific themed chalice circle (i.e.: based on movies, books, environmental topics, or…?) please let us know!

How should I prepare for a Chalice Circle?

If you are joining a chalice circle for the first time, you will want to be familiar with the general structure and covenant of the circle before you go. While we are not sticklers for structure or ritual, we know and appreciate that the group runs more smoothly when everyone is on the same page.

The topic for an upcoming circle will be announced two weeks in advance. Please give yourself some time to think it over beforehand, so that you will be able to speak from your heart to the most comfortable depth for you.

Please read the Chalice Circle Handbook to get a fuller appreciation of what Chalice Circles offer:

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