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Sunday Service Downloads

November 4th, 2012 – Practical Chakras Part One.mp3 and December 9th, 2012 – Practical Chakras Part Two.mp3

Part One covers reasons for studying chakras, and orientation to the first three. Part Two reviews the first three and talks in depth on the heart and throat chakras. Music meditation is used throughout.


Samantha Walrafen Profile (read by Samantha Walrafen) April 8th – An Easter Sermon – Rescuing the Resurrection.mp3

This sermon was written by Evelyn Ruth Thompson of the Hopedale Unitarian Universalist Community, and is a profoundly inspiring expansion of the metaphor of the resurrection to encompass the light of hope in the dark night of the soul. There were many teary eyes this day!


Rev. Shana – February 26th, 2012 – Awe and Wonder – The Limits of What We Know.mp3

Often we Unitarians pride ourselves on how much we rely on knowledge and rational thinking.  We are indeed a “thinking person’s faith”.  There is much, however, to be gained in the spiritual life when we appreciate all that we gain when we behold the mysteries and marvel at them.  This file comes from Rev. Shana,  co-minister from the First Unitarian Church of Victoria, speaking at her home congregation. She delivered the same sermon for us elegantly in February. It actually began to snow as she was speaking (you have to listen to know how magical that is!).


Gaurang – January 29th, 2012 – The Guru Disciple Relationship.mp3

Gaurang discussed aspects of the guru-disciple relationship from his own experience and perspective, as well as from readings from several texts. We appreciated his answering our questions afterward!



Amanda Tarling – January 22, 2012 – Fire Communion (Homily).mp3

Amanda facilitated a beautiful fire communion for us as part of our welcoming the new year. The above link is to the homily she used to inspire our discussions about the new year.

Amanda Tarling – September 2011 -Why we gather.mp3

Here is an excerpt from our facilitated discussion about why we seek spiritual community together here as Unitarians on Salt Spring Island. Mind the foreground noise – this is our first go with the mp3 recorder!


Daniel Walrafen – October 9th 2011 – Relationships on the Spiritual Path.mp3

Some say that the quickest way to enlightenment is through the pursuit of spiritual relationships. What does it mean to be in relationship? How does this relate to our spiritual development? This is Daniel’s first-ever sermon!



Samantha Walrafen Profile Samantha Walrafen – Spring 2011 – How Miracles Are Made.mp3

Samantha speaks on a different way of looking at miracles, and at how we can make them part of our every day life. Inspired by a Course in Miracles as well as spiritual teachings through history and from around the globe.