Weddings and Ceremonies

Lay Chaplains of the Unitarian Fellowship of Salt Spring Island

Unitarian Lay Chaplains offer a highly customizable spiritual service perfect for not just for the Unitarian community but for anyone seeking an experienced facilitator who is accepting and understanding of diverse spiritual beliefs.

 Jo Logan – Lay Chaplain

Jo is a life-long spiritual seeker and looks for the wisdom in a variety of spiritual beliefs and practices. The congregation of the Unitarian Fellowship elected her to serve as a Lay Chaplain and she started her training in the fall of 2010. She considers it a privilege to walk alongside people during times of life transition and enjoys co-creating ceremonies that fit their unique beliefs and values. Jo has worked as a community worker, education assistant and support worker. In her leisure time, Jo enjoys swimming, walking, travel, reading and music. She is the proud mother of eight adult children and a doting grandmother.

For more information please contact Jo by email or by phone at:

(250) 537-5165